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Welcome to the official Spaceboy music website.
Often imitated but never duplicated!


     The founding member of Spaceboy, James M. Guerrero, started writing music at an early age. However, it was not till the late 90s that he started producing music for the masses. Inspired by the synth-stylings of The Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, Art Of Noise, and 8-bit he has crafted his work into a hybrid of synthpop with modern electronic music of today. With pounding beats, high energy arpeggios and soothing orchestral movements, Spaceboy will sure to be apart of any ones music collection.



Spaceboy Status

Work on the next release is going great! The working title is "Intellectual Love" I hope to have it out by January 2015.

The Method Of Signaling

Spaceboy Status

I have been hard at work on the next musical release. I will be filming a new video soon. Busy, Busy Busy! :)

Thanks for checking out the site. Check out the Shop for Space Swag and where to find Spaceboy music.



Transmission Alert

     I started listening to Jimmy Church back in late December. He was one of a handful of people on the Dark Matter Radio Network. I missed Art Bell but I could hear in Jimmy an energy that made me excited when I first heard Art. So I tuned in.Around May, I put together a Spaceboy version of the Fade to Black intro. I sent Jimmy a link and left it at that. That next week Jimmy played it on his show. It has now become the official intro to the show.

     It started a friendship that if you had asked me back in December I would have said you are lying. I owe Jimmy a bit of thanks for making Spaceboy known to the world beyond what I have done.
     With that said, It has been brought to my attention that the “Fader-Haters” are doing their best at hating. I want to say that I have no plans in abandon my friendship and commitment to the Fade to Black family.
     Please check out Jimmy’s show M-Th 9pm cst at on the Dark Matter Radio Network
Thank You My Space Cadets,

Spaceboy Original -Spaceboy

Spaceboy Original - Stargazer

Electronica Communications


The Other Winners Are...

Congratulations to:

Debra Cox - Twitter
Fred Rich - Facebook

for winning a copy of Electronica Communication.

Contact In The Desert Trip


Jimmy Church and Spaceboy


Good Times


Live On The Air

Electronica Commuincation


The Winner Is...

Congratulations to Leslie S. Johnson for winning a copy of Electronica Communication. Sill have two more to give out, whom will it be...

Spaceboy Labs

Road Trip!

So I am heading to Contact in the Desert. Looking forward to the road tip. If you are going to be there, see you then.

The Dark Matter Radio Network


The Dark Matter Radio Network is a great place to hear out of this world topics!

Win A Spaceboy CD

I am giving away copies of the last CD - Electronica Communication. To win a copy, go to transmission and send me an email with your contact information. The drawing will be August 1, 2014.

Electronica Commuincation


ReBirth Is Available For The Masses

The New Spaceboy Release Is Out!

Find it on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more places.

Spaceboy on F2B

Thursday's show of Fade to Black was a special treat. I called in and talked with Jimmy Church and Bill Birnes.

Fade To Black 06/16/14

ReBirth Preview

Space Pirates

Today I found another person trying to produce music with the Spaceboy name. Please keep in mind that there is only one Spaceboy and that is yours truly.

The Album - Childlik3 is not an offical Spaceboy release.

ReBirth Update 140606

Update on the next release ReBirth.

I am at 8 tracks completed and still working on an additional 4 tracks for the release of ReBirth. If I keep trucking at this rate, I should have it done by the end of summer (August release). I am thinking about releasing a single track off the release soon. I will keep all posted.


The Next Release


The next release from Spaceboy - ReBirth... Although still in production, this is the cover art done by So far there are 6 completed songs and the list is growing. I hope to release this by the end of Summer. ReBirth will mark Spaceboy's 16th CD release.

Spaceboy in da house of Church

     Super jazzed!!!. I did my version of the intro of the Fade to Black music and let Jimmy Church know. He like the version and he is now using it as his opening theme. So cool to be apart of his program.

Fade To Black Intro Music

Fade To Black - Spaceboy Mix

I have got addicted to this show that comes on the Dark Matter Radio Network called Fade to Black hosted by Jimmy Church. I decided to do my take on the intro. If you get a chance, check out Fade to Black W-F 9-12 CST @

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Check Out Jimmy Church


Fade To Black with Jimmy Church